Success is building BIG and killing BIT.

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Everyone starts with high expectations. These expectations soon began to crumple under the comments from skeptical friends and negative inputs.Rejections, disappointments, failures and difficulties drive many of the potential players out of business even before they get a real chance to succeed.

BIG & BIT pictures(perceptions).

BIG – Believe this is what I have Got BIT : Believe this is what -It Takes to do a particular job.

These perceptions are formed by their total experience upto this point in their life. emotions, observations, Thoughts, values, feelings, suggestions, feedback, humiliation, joy, pain, triumph, success, failure everything plays a very important role in perception formation.

How mind eye picture controls us ?

Once, this is accepted as a belief about performance, this becomes the basic truth – regardless of its validity and reliability – and it always influences overall judgement. And, everything – every action, thought, feeling, reaction, opinion, ability is consistent with this belief i.e. self picture.

It shapes and colours everything I do, I say and I am. It is practically impossible to act in any different manner. This mind picture influences the will power , which subsequently controls our subconscious mind.

These BIG and BIT mind eye’s pictures exercise primary control over goal seeking mechanism of the subconscious mind. They rule the guiding patterns which are based on data programmed in the memory.

Building BIG and Killing BIT

Since we perform consistently in accordance with the self concept, we must form the habit of controlling BIG & BIT pictures. These can be controlled by reading books, listening to audios, CDs associated with positive thinking and optimistic individuals.

Almost all individuals have tendency to rate themselves lower than they really are, Most of us have tendency to rate our competitors better than they really are and tendency to rate any job tougher than it is. The success is about building BIG and killing BIT. The illustration explains it further.


BIG =4 ; BIT = 8, Consequently the self-concept = 1/2

BIG/ BIT = Self concept

If the individual ranking himself finds a way to increase the self estimation to an 8, while at the same time, lowering the BIT – what it takes to do that job, self-concept is 2.

And therefore success is all about BIG & BIT.

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