Leadership lessons from Shri Bhagwat Geeta

Should I re-open my business? I will have to pay rent for the last three months. I have to pay salaries to my workers. Moreover, it is the operational cost that bothers me. I am confused.

The answer lies in Chapter 3, Shlok 24 of Shri Bhagwat Gita.

Krishna says ” I am God and I need not work. But I am here riding your chariot, participating in Mahabharata. I could have been a mere spectator, but I chose to be here, right in the middle of the action. If I don’t work, the whole Universe will fall down, all the lives will cease to exist and I will be solely responsible for the destruction.”

The message is loud and clear. As business owners, we may sit back and relax. We may decide not to open our offices and businesses. After all, We have enough to survive on our savings. We can press the pause button and do nothing. But, what about our employees?

We will dent their Universe. Our employees who are dependent on us would succumb because of our decision of being on the brink. As leaders, business owners, we should come out of our comfort zones to work for all of them who depend on us for their survival.

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  • Yess… Very well said

    Business owners cant sit back and be the spectators.. They have to be back in action for their survival and their employees survival..
    So that every man can get the motive of the day and it would definitely improve the physical health as well as mental health..
    By running business they can contribute to the govt by taxes…

    In short business owners should come out and start the business and help the society to raise again….

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