Enhancing selling skills through social styles

Customers are different in their personality, communication style, behaviour, thought processes and approaches to making a decision.

Now, if a sales person can understand the customer’s social style and formulate a strategy which fits their bill , he/she can increase the probability of closing the sale.

Carl Gustav Jung , Swiss psychiatrist is best known for his research in personality. According to his theory, there are four customer social styles.

Below is information about how  understanding social styles can helps you get better results.


Characteristics & Style of working

  • More asking
  • Action-oriented
  • Independent
  • Take risks

Strengths :They are competitive, demanding, determined, strong willed and purposeful.

Weaknesses : They are aggressive, controlling, overbearing and intolerant.

Appearance and actions

  • Dressing : power dressing ,often wears dark colour to convey power.
  • Greeting – Cold, might not even look at you. Dominant handshake or no hand shakes.
  • Voice :Baritone and deep voice
  • Little conversation, if any, small talk.
  • Time Management : Punctual, will finish the meeting before time ,may frequently check watch.

Office- chamber design

  • Awards on walls and trophies in wall units.
  • Clean disk.
  • Mobile and phone prominently place – primary communication tool.

Dos and Don’ts while communicating with driver

  • Be direct and to the point.
  • Focus on results and objectives.
  • Be brief, be bright and gone.
  • Don’t hesitate or waffle
  • Don’t focus on feelings.
  • Don’t try to take over.


Characteristics & Style of working

  • More telling
  • More emotive
  • Intuition oriented
  • Impulsive
  • Takes risks on opinions
  • Personable

Strengths : Sociable, Dynamic, Demonstrative, Enthusiastic and Persuasive

Weaknesses :Excitable, frantic, Indiscreet, Flamboyant and hasty

Appearance and actions

  • Dressing : Colourful and youthful dressing
  • Greetings : Enthusiastic greeting, may sit on the same side of desk as you. Firm handshake
  • Voice : Sharp & high rate of speech (more than 150 words per minute)
  • Expect to be interrupted by incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Conversation: will be off track and may go on and on ,Will be talkative.

Office- chamber design

  • Artwork on walls, Souvenirs etc.
  • Fairly clean desk
  • Cellphone in colourful case on desk

Dos and Don’ts while communicating with expressive

  • Be friendly and sociable.
  • Be entertaining and stimulating.
  • Be open and flexible.
  • Don’t bore him with details.
  • Don’t tie him down with routine.
  • Don’t ask him to work alone.


Characteristics & Style of working

  • More telling
  • More emotive,
  • Team player
  • Avoid risks
  • Likeable
  • Supportive

Strengths : caring, encouraging, sharing , patient and relaxed.

Weaknesses : docile, bland, plodding, reliant and stubborn.

Appearance and actions

  • Dressing : Casual and relaxed dressing, comfortable clothes
  • Greetings : Warm friendly greeting, two-handed or a glove handshake
  • Voice : Soft & low rate of speech ( less than 150 words per minute)
  • May ask if they can get you anything water or tea,

Office- chamber design

  • Family pictures
  • Children’s drawings / gifts
  • Fairly cluttered disk

Dos and Don’ts while communicating with amiable

  • Be patient and supportive
  • Slow down and work at their pace
  • Ask their opinion and give them time to answer.
  • Don’t take advantage of their good nature.
  • Don’t force them to take quick decisions.
  • Don’t spring last minute surprises.

People have one thing in common, they are all different.


Characteristics & Style of working

  • More asking
  • More controlled/ unemotional
  • Cool
  • Use facts to avoid risks
  • Slow to act
  • Cautious

Strengths : cautious, precise, deliberate, questioning and formal

Weaknesses : stuffy, indecisive, suspicious, cold and reserved

Appearance and actions

  • Dressing : formal clothes with spick and span.
  • Greetings : unemotional greetings, probably won’t move
  • Voice : clear voice & perfect rate of speech ( l= 150 words per minute)
  • Intense, problem-solving look

Office- chamber design

  • Diplomas on walls
  • Cluttered desk ( Slow to act)
  • Phone hidden behind paper
  • Prefers e-mail to communicate
  • Bookshelf or a decent collection of books in wall unit

Dos and Don’ts while communicating with analytical

  • Be well prepared and be thorough.
  • Put things in writing
  • Give him all the details.
  • Don’t flip on important issues.
  • Don’t change his routine without notice.
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