Qateel Shifai meets Thomas-Kilmann

Men from different walks of life Thomas- Kilman, known for their famous conflict resolution model and Qateel Shifai, a famous Urdu poet never crossed each other in their lives.

But what amazes me, is that they have crossed each other in thoughts.

We all know about Collaboration in the Thomas-Kilmann model.

Collaboration is both assertive and cooperative Collaborating involves is about working with others to find some solution that fully satisfies their concerns. It means delayering the issue to find the underlying needs of the two individuals in conflict. It takes the form of exploring a disagreement to learn from each other’s insights or trying to find a creative solution to an interpersonal problem.

And, Qateel Shifai in one of his verse states :

“इस तरह क़तील उनसे बर्ताव रहे अपना
वो भी न बुरा माने दिल का भी कहा रखना”

The rough translation goes like this “While I should not make the other person feel bad, I should also take care of my feelings. This is how I should behave with others. Is Qateel Shifai talking about collaboration? “

I am bowled over by this uncanny similarity in their thoughts.

What about you ??

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