Motivational Stories : Changing Mindset

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Story 1 : SIZE-15 Shirt


A man had a persistent neck pain, severe migraine and frequent dizzy spells. He consulted a doctor and the doctor pronounced the terrible news: He had only six months to live. The man was dejected, but then he thought he had only six months to live, he might live it to the fullest and do all the things he always wanted to.

First, he decided to get himself nice shirts. He bought some exquisite silk and went to the finest tailor in the town, who began to measure him out. With the measuring tape around his neck, the tailor said to his assistant ‘Size 16’ ‘No, no,’ said the man. ‘I’m a size 15’.

The tailor rechecked it and said ‘You’re size 16 and there is no doubt about it .’ ‘I am a size 15. I have always been size 15. And I will be size 15! said the man. ‘ So, be it ‘ said the tailor .’But, I must warn you, if you wear size 15 shirts, you will have a persistent neck pain, severe migraine and frequent dizzy spells.”

We all are like that man. We have our own size 15′ hang-ups and we refuse to let go of. Our thinking we refuse to change. Ideas, misconceptions that hold us back. And, the interesting bit is that in our role as the tailor, we are all quick to spot the problem with other collar sizes.

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