Spirituality should not be used as an excuse to give up your responsibilities, especially if we already have families to support.We often hear that our life is becoming materialistic and unhappy and we are losing the sense of spiritualism and inner peace of mind.

Is there a connection between MATERIALISM and SPIRITUALISM? MATERIALISM expresses the view that only thing that exists is MATTER. All mental events can even be reducible to matters. T

he brain secretes thoughts, as the liver secretes bile. SPIRITUALISM helps us to realize the dignity of each individual. Spiritualism transcends diversity of race, colour, language and sect. It teaches us to develop understanding and increase compassion. “One leads a materialistic life”, it does not follow that he believes in material philosophy.

Materialism and materialistic living are completely different.One is a philosophy; the other is a way of life style. We can have best of both worlds. Why this or that ?? Why not this and that ( Mahatria Ra).

God has nothing against people being rich. And there is no reason that being comfortable should hinder your spiritual growth and development. No offences, we can meditate in our Mercedes ( not while driving )

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