Leadership through scriptures

” Useless Fellow”, ” Good for nothing “, ” Hopeless” , have you every been laureated by these phrases. It is customary for most of the managers to use these phrases to felicitate their subordinates, when the outcome is not the way , they expected.

Do you sometimes feel miserable while handling people ? Do you feel that some people are really useless ? Nothing under the Sun can motivate them.But our scriptures have a different take .

The verse from Samyochitapadyamaalika – There is no sound that is not a mantra, no plant is non- medicinal.There is no person unworthy, what is lacking is an ‘enabler’

There is lot of power stored in each sound. Each and every sound can make a mantra, to be meditated upon . For a mantra to have full impact (vibration, meaning) a knowledgeable person is needed. Each and every plant has one or the other medicinal use. Even the poisonous ones have use in fighting venom. A true vaidya (Ayurveda Doctor) could find use of any plant. Similarly, there are no talented employees , it is for a true leader to cultivate talent in normal and ordinary people. And, that is rare.

A true leader therefore is the one who could see the worth in the sound, the plant or the person.We all are born with innate nature and then we acquire skills. And a leaders knows strength and weakness of his team members and assigns them duties according to their skills and interest.

Matching income with expected life style is what most of the job aspirants do, and therefore they remain unhappy when they get jobs. It is the responsibility of a leader to know his/her people, to know their strengths and weaknesses and to accelerate their transformation process.

Freshers who join corporates have studied in insulated environments, where they have no idea about the corporate world. The placement figures and average CTC figures lure them to take admissions in premier institutes. After paying loads of money to institutes , they are relaxed , thinking they will live happily ever after …and this reverie breaks with their first job placement.

When they enter the corporate world, they expectations fast salary hikes, fast promotions, lots of appreciations …and much more without slogging and that is where the problem begins. The leaders find it difficult to handle them and this is when , this lot is tagged useless.

Yojaka or a true leader understands no one is useless, it is just that they are used less and it is the responsibility of a leader to utilise them meticulously . Imagine everyone is proactive and are doing it on their own, without supervision. Why would you need a leader, then ?

Therefore a leader is the one who manages, connects, enables and organises.Leader always properly connects parts to make whole. A leader never give out on their team, because teams don’t fail, but leaders fail.

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