Do you think failed Parenting Strategies are affecting the careers of millennials?

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Simon Sinek talks about why millennials don’t succeed in one of the popular videos

He tells too many of them grew up subject to failed parenting strategies. He explains – these children were told that they were special… all the time, they were told that they can have anything they want in life, just because they want it. They got into honor classes because their parents got them in through jack or cheque. Some of them got great grades, not because they earned it because teachers didn’t want to deal with their parents.

He further talks about the situation, when they enter corporates after their graduation. And, they find they are not special and their parents can’t get them salary hikes and promotions. And, their entire self-image is shattered. Simon Sinek blames it on parenting strategies.

What is the right parenting strategy? The answer lies in this mantra (shloka ) from our scriptures.

Fondle your children till they are five. They should be looked after with great care and affection until their age of five years and Later on, for a period of ten years they should be well-disciplined under strict guidance. Teach them discipline, inculcate the right habits into them. When they become a youth of sixteen years, they should be treated like intimate friends.

The irony is as parents we follow this in reverse order, we are friends with them in the initial years and give them everything they ask for and when they grow up, we treat them as a child, we want them to follow, whatever we tell them.

During their evolution, the period of five to fifteen years is very crucial. They learn all the negative trends during this age, tend to cause permanent deformation of their lives to ruin society. The wrong parenting at this stage verily corrodes the social foundation by teaching laziness, crime, terror, lewdness, greed, mischief, violence, and corruption. The children who learn noble culture during this tender age are saved from all kinds of inhuman attitude and are more successful as compared to the other lot.

The role of a parent is critical in the development of the child and the right parenting can help them reach the pinnacle of success.

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